Piss Poor Parenting

In news out of Nashville, a 26 year old woman has shot (twice) a homeless man whom she got into an argument with.


I’m going to delve into this for a little bit, after researching her background. Katie Quackenbush is 26, parent of a five year old, who was out at 3 AM with a friend of hers, when she got into an argument with a homeless man, and shot him twice.

I’m not going to comment on HER parenting, but her parent’s. Ms. Quakenbush is 26, and by all measures is an adult, legally. However, she has twice been arrested for assault. The first time was dismissed, the second is in the court system.

AS I’m not going to comment on HER parenting. I’m going to look at her life, though. Pregnant at twenty, single, two arrests for assault, and apparently completely unqualified and untrained to carry a gun, yet feels the needs to be armed. Driving an SUV with a base model price that costs what some houses do for an average American. She characterizes herself as an “outlaw country singer”, with semi-nude pictures on twitter, but has no visible means of income, that I’ve found.

And yet … her father made the following statement:

“She didn’t try and kill this guy,” he said. “She had no intention of killing him. She didn’t know that she hit him… She did say she closed her eyes when she shot both times, but they were warnings, and she thought she pointed away from him.”

Now, I love my kids. Every decent parent does, and we would all do anything for them. However, sometimes that means doing things that hurt US, by letting them fail. If you continuously prevent them from feeling the consequences of their decisions, you eventually wind up with a kid, who is now an adult, in jail. And a man who, no matter his circumstances, didn’t deserve to be shot.

The pattern I’m seeing is that, when his daughter gets in trouble, dad, the wealthy attorney, bails her out. Arrested for assault in Texas? Successful defense attorney dad gets her out of it. Need a nice car? Here, I’m buying you an SUV that costs tens of thousands of dollars. There’s probably many other instances of such behavior.

What that teaches you is that there is no consequences, and then you bring a firearm into the equation.

1. You don’t carry a gun unless you are trained to use it.
2. There is no such thing as warning shots. You fire a gun to kill someone.

Now, a man’s life has been irreparably damaged. Her life is ruined, though I suspect that her daddy will try to get her off, and I also suspect that, at aged 26, she is too far gone to learn anything from what she did. It’s something you have to learn continuously from early childhood. Maybe there’s hope for her daughter, but I don’t know.

So parents, let your kids fail. It may save their lives.

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