Top Ten Reasons Stranger Things has to be set in the 80’s.

1. Cigarettes
2. Chief Hooper is a Real Man.
3. The four heroes would just sit in their houses every day and play X-box. Their entire emotional development and character development would happen through a series of texts and foul language exchanges with other 12 year old gamers online.
4. Steve and Nancy would have hooked up through Tinder. Nancy would have swiped left on Jonathan and never given him a second thought.
5. Barb would be too busy going through gender reassignement surgery to give a crap about Nancy.
6. Jonathan would be labeled a sex offender for the pictures he took with his cell phone / camera, and forced to register as such.
7. Instead of painting disparaging graffiti on a wall, Steve and his friends would have shared all the “private” nude shoots Nancy sent Steve all over Hawkins. No scrubbing that paint off.
8. Half the kids on the show would be medicated.
9. None of the kids would have been able to go anywhere without being texted and constantly monitored by their parents every fifteen minutes.
10. We don’t have music like that anymore.

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